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Speed Boats

Speed boats come in a number of forms, hulls, power sources and constructions. The most common form of boats people start on is an electric powered mono hulled boat, these come in great budget prices such as Serpent Racing Boat with the built in self righting system. Then moving onto the faster more competitive range of boats that are often powered by brushless motors and Lipo batteries such as Dragon Boats or Pro-Boats.

When you are ready for the larger boats that is when Nimrif RC offers a range of the nitro and petrol 2 stroke powered boats. These models can be used in local lakes to the open sea, and range in size anything upto 2 meters in length and larger.

For those of you that are in pursuit of out and out speed there are various different styles of hull. The most common hull is the mono hull boat, but for some more speed then next best design is the catamaran (twin hulled boat) along with the Formula 1 Tunnel Hulls.

Those of you that want to take speed to the limits of speed there is the options of going for the ultimate in speed and building a rigger, these are something Nimrif RC does not sell as kits or RTR but does offer the components and advice on building them.