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Plymouth Toy Shops

Servicing & Upgrades

We not only offer sales of radio controlled car, boats, plane, helicopters, etc we also offer a vast range of after care services. These can range from setting up and tuning engines on the radio controlled cars to vehicle repairs after landing the massive jump wrong or just finding that one rock on the moors while having fun with friends.

Not only is it limited to that we also can assist with supply and installing optional upgrades and modifications whether they are better shocks, new engines different gear ratios.

On the model cars we are also able to offer a tracking service which means setting up the toe in/out, camber and caster angles along with ride height and droop. All these things result in the car handling better, reduced tyre wear and greater speed.

This does not just apply to on and off road radio controlled cars but also includes working on other models such as helicopter after taking a heavy landing quite often the main shaft gets bent, along with the feathering shaft and flybar (assuming the helicopter is not a flybarless version).