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Nimrif RC Models offers a great range of helicopters for everyone from the first time flyer that just wants to experience the joys of flying to the long time flyer who wants to perform all the stunts such as flips, rolls, tic tocs, etc.

We offer everything from the simple 3 and 4 channel i-Helis that are very cheap to learn to fly on with the added fun of the bigger models in the range have the added ability with purchasing the optional extra take videos and take photographs from the on board camera.

Once you have progressed to the top of the iHeli range then we at are able to assist with moving you on to the bigger and better helicopters whether it is staying with the electric flight and going into the world of flying some like a KDS 450 QS helicopter or a Blade mCPX2 for the indoor flight and Blade 450 or Blade 500 for out doors. Or if you would rather you could then move into the realms of the Nitro 30 and 50 size helicopters.

The nitro helicopters not only increase fly time as when low on fuel you land fuel up and straight out again but also has the sound of the real thing along with the ability of having realistic body such as a Jet Ranger, Twinstar or Bell 222 (as used in the TV Program Airwolf).