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Cars & Buggies

Here at Nimrif RC Models we offer a great range of Radio Controlled cars, ranging from the electric to nitro to the large petrol powered models. But not only do we offer a choice of power supplies we offer on roads and off road vehicles. 

So if you are looking for a HPi Savage we can help, if you are looking for a Losi 3 Buggy we can help. So please do pop in and see what we have and what great price you can get the models at.

And the deals do not stop there, if you need have not got anything and starting from fresh come in and see what sort of deal we can do on a complete starter package to 

include the starter kit (glow start and charger, filler bottle, plug spanner, screw drivers) and some glow fuel to get going.

And the best thing the deals do not stop there, once you have got the model we do not stop there offering you help and support, we also offer the after care services including repairs, engine tuning, upgrades and much much more.